Classic oil portraits are a wonderful way to keep your story alive for generations to come! Approaching a wedding anniversary, Christening, Birthday or Graduation? Celebrate that special moment, with a bespoke present.

Individual and group portraits have been classic favourites for centuries, and rightly so: they help you cherish your loved ones, letting them know how precious they are.

A true fine art portrait is way more than a likeness of features, as in a skilled drawing or a lucky snapshot. A proper portrait bears scrutiny as a work of art, and one depicting character. It follows that the more I know about the person I paint, the better the artwork. I have a style, much like a novelist; the story I tell however depends on the Protagonist: You.

Your ideas and preferences are the starting point, I will do the rest, consulting you along the way.

  • Head and shoulder, or full figure: your choice, I can help you decide.
  • Mother and child portrait; mostly from photographs, for convenience
  • Instrumental portrait
  • Christening, Birthday, Graduation presents: happily meeting deadlines for these special occasions if you get to me ASAP
  • Family Portrait: do it as a project, and you will have not only the artwork, but fond memories of how you took part in it
  • 24 karat gold decorative motifs if you fancy (I do, and so did Gustav Klimt)
  • Professional framing service and world-wide shipping available

I work from live sittings, photographs, or ideally a combination of the two.

Book a free discovery session: to discuss what you are thinking about, what are the artistic possibilities, and how we can proceed, with timelines and plan.

Call Zsuzsanna: 075 4568 5444

How to Commission a Portrait with me: FAQ

  • How much does a commissioned oil portrait cost? Sounds lovely, but I’m not a billionaire…

Prices now starting as low as £750, depending on many factors detailed below. We can discuss your ideas and fit the work to your budget and timeline, if you need it done for a certain date. From single head portrait to extravagant gilded masterpiece, I enjoy the range.

  • How long does it take to have my portrait painted?

Depending on the number of heads you have: assuming not a dragon but more than one person. Adding hands and feet, instruments and other details, size of canvas, decorative gilding and framing needs, number of sittings… I typically take 3 weeks – 6 months to complete the artwork, from our agreement on size, pose and other details.

  • How many sittings are required for a portrait? How long are the portrait sittings?

We book minimum three sessions, more might be needed. I prefer to start and finish my work with these live sessions, working from my colour studies and reference photographs in between, if the model is not available. The sessions last 1.5-3 hours, and are pleasant experiences, with conversation and comfort breaks as needed. You should enjoy the process, since I wish to paint you at your best!

  • How many photos do you need?

I never ‘paint that photo’. I refer to several. I gleam from them each, crucial information for a three-dimensional understanding of the model’s features and his or her personality.

  • How do you paint children? I would love to have a portrait of my boy but he will not stay still or hold a pose that long…

To ensure I have the best materials at hand, for example to portray babies and children who would otherwise no way would sit still for me, I work with professional photographers whom I can heartily recommend.

  • Do you paint portraits on commission internationally? How does the shipping work?

Yes, I do work on international portrait commissions, and have my fully insured fine art shipping supplier. They deliver the artworks safe and in a timely manner.

  • Can you paint a portrait from photos alone?

When the model is not available to sit for a painting, as in the case of surprise presents, posthumous portraits or a very busy person, I ask for several photos, for better understanding my model. If this is your case, I understand and will make it work if I can. Please call me to discuss what you would like: 07545685444

My GDPR policy: I do not disclose your photographs or any personal details to anyone without asking you first and receiving your written permission. Same applies when you ask me to keep you updated with my monthly newsletter: sign up now, sign off anytime.

As for the artworks in my portrait gallery: I kindly asked and was given permission by the sitter or their family/guardian, to display them publicly.

Why? There are two clashing pieces of legislation, one granting me all rights to my artwork: intellectual property and copyrights. I hang unto those tightly, allow no one to use the images in part or whole without my written permission (normally granted if asked for), and then only if displaying my full name and giving me due credit. Thank you for respecting that. Then you also have your own rights to privacy, guarded by the famous GDPR. Having done my work well, the portraits are a recognisable representation of the sitter: so I abide by this latter regulation, asking for your permission to display your likeness, just like a photographer would. I want to keep you happy.

Book a free discovery session: to discuss what you would like, what are the artistic possibilities, and how we can proceed, with timelines and plan.

Call Zsuzsanna: 075 4568 5444

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