Outdoor painting event: Saturday May 18, Folkestone Harbour.

Palette knife painting workshops

Whether new to art or just wondering about how to paint with knives for a change, this workshop is enjoyed by artists of all levels and backgrounds.
With all professional tools and materials provided, you will be soon on your way to create expressive and dynamic works, following a step-by-step demonstration and getting individual help when required. Medium: Acrylics
Workshops held at Ripley Arts Centre, BR1 2PX

April 6th Saturday 2-5pm Floral abstract –bookings coming soon

May 18th Saturday 2-5pm Venice Cityscape –bookings coming soon

The Power of Colour’ Short Course

Feb 27th– Apr 3rd, Wednesdays 12-3pm, six sessions for £90

Ripley Arts Centre, Bromley 24 Sundridge Avenue, BR1 2PX

To sign up, call Zsuzsanna 07545685444 or email info@zsuzsannapataki.com 

With  the help of The PALETTE Colour Dynamics © method, as well as individual assistance, build up your work from blank canvas to finished art. In six sessions you get familiar with the classic painterly approach, broken down to clear steps so you can follow. Learn to make those crucial decisions that enable you to go and paint on your own, too. Lovely friendly group sessions, all abilities welcome.

Art Workshop - by request

having fun learning art with the PALETTE Colour Dynamics © Method.

Tailored to your individual requirements; bookable as a one-off or a 6-sessions short course.

  • For Schools: classroom activity for art students, putting them on the fast track with their understanding of colour theory and painting, learning to handle the palette knife with precision and observation skills at a new level.
  • For Private Groups: Family and Friends Painting Party, outdoor or indoor, in the comfort of your home, involving young and old. Have fun doing art.
  • For Corporates and Churches: Teambuilding activity, stretching your comfort zone and a great lesson in doing something new, together, what it takes to acquire a new skill. With all hands on board: group canvas activity available, to be displayed as a memory of how much you can achieve together.

The workshops are conducted in a friendly atmosphere, complete with a demonstration, breaking down the painting process to easy to follow steps. Whatever your level or experience, the sessions are sure to bring you closer to the freedom of expressive painting.

The Palette Colour Dynamics © Method is a revolutionary step-by-step system to help build up your artwork from blank canvas to finished painting. Following the painterly techniques of old masters, students avoid the typical beginners’ frustration of getting bogged down in detail too early. They learn to think like a painter, understand and apply colour theory, gain confidence in composition.

Combined with the use of painting knives, the course enables them to be more expressive and enjoy doing art: opening the door wider, and not just for the talented few.

Ideal group size 8-12, to allow for individual attention along the way. Larger groups may be accommodated, please ask.

Recommended age for workshops and courses:

8-88 years of age, able to use table utensils

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